Pre-teen, Teenage

The pre-teen, teenage program targets children ages 11 through 17, as it become necessary to accommodate the more abstract reasoning capabilities of cognitive development within this age group. Children at this level are operating at a reasoning level of an adult, without the benefit of learning from much past experience. However, though they are capable thinking on the adult level, they need every bit as much adult help in guiding in their decision-making processes. In a sense, they are “all dressed up with no place to go.” This is the age group that looks great by all outward appearances (having mastered the art of impression management), yet our research shows this group has the most difficulties when it comes to learning music (particularly as a beginner) and performing well in high threat situations. We use cognitive resource management to talk with them about how to handle the many challenges they face and express feelings better. As beginners, they are acutely aware of their novice status and although they learn at a very rapid pace, they always report they are going much too slowly! We constantly help them look at the “road ahead,” relating their current achievements to what is “over the horizon;” that is, learning those sought-after pieces that got them into lessons to begin with. As they become more advanced, their tastes often change, and they have more insight into their own likes and dislikes. Consequently, we give them more latitude in terms of selection of literature, we help direct them toward the path in music they wish to pursue, and we mentor them for future growth.

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