Average-Age Program

We offer specialized piano instruction to what we call the “average-age” group of children approximately ages 6 through 11. This program combines science with the art of music making, using evidence based teaching methods which are age-appropriate and account for cognitive developmental shift in maturation as it relates to piano learning and performance.

Program features include:

  • Performing Arts Psychology: using applied psychological research to improve training practices.
  • Comprehensive Musicianship: complete integration of music making elements.
  • Private Lessons: individualized instruction suited to particular needs of each student. Instruction is also adjusted according to beginner, intermediate, and advanced playing levels.
  • Performance Training with Group Classes: children learn to performing before a peer group with very low-threat experiences to build performance skills.
  • Cooperative Learning Environment: creating a positive learning environment for children to grow.
  • Integrated Technology: using web video, digital technology, and software applications to promote better music learning.
  • Generous Incentive Systems: reinforcement systems using learning charts, stickers, small toys and trinkets on a weekly basis.

Yearly program format includes:

  • 40 weekly individual private lessons
  • 40 weekly computer-based instruction sessions
  • 17 group performance classes (grouped by age)
  • 1 recital
  • 2 performance party events (Halloween & Christmas)
  • 1 charity event

How to Enroll