Lesson: Naming space notes


There are really 6 spaces per staff, including the space below the bottom line and the space above the top line. Each time you go from space to space, you skip a letter in the alphabet. Starting with the lowest space in the treble staff, practice saying the letter names of the spaces ("D-F-A-C-E-G") repeatedly at least 10 times. Do the same for the bass staff ("F-A-C-E-G-B").  Remember the bottom space for each staff: the treble staff lowest space is "D" while the bass staff lowest space is "F." Figure out each note by skipping your way up from the lowest space (start with "D" if the note appears in the treble staff, start with "F" if the note appears in the bass staff. Then select the appropriate answer. so you can take the time you need to figure out each note correctly.

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