PianoKids Academy

The Piano Kids Academy is not just another piano program. We do not simply teach piano or give piano lessons. It is a new approach which offers effective music instruction (piano study) within a framework of relevant research findings in cognitive neuroscience and psychology. Stated differently, the cross-disciplinary fields of music and psychology are combined to help students learn to utilize their cognitive resources in ways that achieve their true musical potential.
Music has been described as a universal means of expression which has been manifest over the centuries in all parts of the world. By creating a powerful sequence of activities and integrating these with every child on an individual basis, participants thrive in our psychologically safe and supportive environment. By using carefully selected sequences in visual, auditory,and time perceptual activities, participants develop better language, speech, memory, abstract thinking and motor coordination. Through meaningful experiences, people who come to us become insightful questioners, impressive musicians, thinkers and inspired action-takers.  

  • Are you ready to put your child in lessons?

    The question over when to start your child in piano lessons really comes down to parent readiness, not child readiness. So, how do you know if YOU are ready to put your child in piano lessons? Over the 70+ combined years of experience we have working with children, we’ve gathered 10 issues typically encountered by parents that brought their children here for lessons: 1) Are you
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  • Getting your child ready to play for family and friends

    The holidays are here and in the next few weeks, you will be with many family members and friends. Of course, from the adult point of view, that’s a good time for kids to entertain with their Christmas pieces. However, there are some considerations about the child’s point of view: In our training model, we teach your children to know when they are ready,
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